Marmaris, Turkey

From the shores of southern Turkey on the same docks where we bought Tamarisk three years ago, and with no miles remaining in our voyaging plans, there’s no longer any denying that our around the world sailing dream has officially … Continue reading

Rhodes, Greece

In around 500 BC the Greek philosopher Pythagoras suggested for the first time the idea of a spherical Earth. He lived on the Greek island of Samos less than 100 miles north of our current position in Rhodes. It was … Continue reading

Suez Canal, Egypt

In a way, using either of the world’s main artificial shipping canals (Panama and Suez) in a sailing circumnavigation is a form of cheating… the natural world was not formed (or designed?) in this way. The existence of these canals … Continue reading

Jerusalem, Israel

Since leaving Thailand in early December we’ve felt immersed in utter chaos nearly every minute of every day. Partially that’s because of decisions we’ve made along the way and the unique situations we’ve created for ourselves, for which we accept … Continue reading

Port Suakin, Sudan

A line in a famous college graduation speech by Bazz Luhrman goes like this: Don’t worry about the things that scare you. The real troubles in your life are apt to be ones that never crossed your worried mind… the … Continue reading

Uligamu, Maldives

If you were to make a list of the most peculiar and interesting places on the planet, the Maldives would surely be very near the top. It’s a volcanic island archipelago sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean with … Continue reading

Galle, Sri Lanka

As we concluded our last update we mentioned we were hoping to make it all the way to Maldives unless a fuel shortage forced us into Sri Lanka. As it turned out fuel wasn’t a major issue, but a communications … Continue reading

Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean

It was the early explorers from Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, and Britain who first ventured across the world’s great oceans to discover what was beyond the visible horizon. Before that time, the European belief was that the world was flat, … Continue reading