Where Are We?

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  1. Mom

    Just seen you’re on your way to Jamaica – hope there’s smooth sailing with all things working. No chance you’re stopping for a swim with the stingrays in the Caymans?

  2. Peachy O'Plum

    My mom let me know about your article in the Palisades Post and I’m impressed. Hope you guys are well, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Windebank Brothers. I’ll be checking in on the site to see your progress. Good luck and safe travels on the journey!

    -James R.

  3. RUPE

    Hi there guys, I am so pleased that you had some good times around Cuba, which is one of my areas of special interest. I would like to be with the boat now, as Tamarisk cruises Jamaica. I love to dance to that reggae music. Piers, show them how its done! Keep up the good work of spreading tolerance and respect around the world! Look forward to being apart of that again when possible. Fair winds and safe passage.

  4. Bruce

    100 miles to go !!!

  5. Bruce

    Congratulations on your Circumnavigation !!!

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