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    1. Schout Schouten

      Dear Jason and Piers,
      Just want to let you know that I am enjoying reading your blogs enormously. It is a nice combination of the day to day fun/hazards an a broader and humble view of the world. Nice! Besides that: my wife and me surveyed your Tamarisk in May 2011 in Turkey for a possible buy. We did not buy her in the end, as we were – and still are – to much in love with our J/46.
      But it is nice to read (I am now in your writings about Jamaica) that the boat is doing for what it has been designed for (apart from all the technical nuisances).
      I hope that you guys will find an enthusiastic Sundeer lover to proceed where you ended. And I hope that you have resettled well in the ‘normal’ live again.
      Kind regards,
      Schout Schouten (The Netherlands)

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