Mission to Bring Clean Drinking Water Filters to Indonesian Islands

Drinking water goes from filthy mud to perfectly safe drinking water

The more time we spend moving around the world, the more we notice how much unnecessary suffering still remains for so many people, particularly in developing countries. Many of the challenges still affecting poverty stricken countries are impossible to reconcile with the progress and comfort that’s been achieved in modern western cities. During the next leg of our journey towards Southeast Asia, we’ll be traveling through the Indonesian islands, where clean drinking water is still unavailable in many of the villages. The health problems resulting from contaminated drinking water are obvious and affect the whole community: unsanitary living conditions, viral and bacterial infections, walking long distances to find clean water away from the village, etc. These are the kinds of problems that shouldn’t exist anywhere in the world in 2014, but yet they do.

With your help, we’re hoping to become a small part of the solution to some of these problems as we pass through the Indonesian islands of Lombok, Sumba, and Sumbawa, where clean drinking water is a known problem in many of the island villages. We’ve partnered with Waves for Water, an NGO dedicated to delivering clean water filters to places where the need is greatest. Our goal is to deliver 50 Waves for Water MVP filters, which will allow 5000 villagers to enjoy clean drinking water for the next five years. Each filter will cost $50 and will provide up to a million gallons of clean drinking water. We can’t do it alone, so we’re now asking you, our friends, family, people we’ve met along the way, and anyone else following our journey, to help us achieve this goal.

If you’d like to help bring clean water to the people of Lombok, Sumba and Sumbawa, please click here to visit our fundraising page on Wave’s for Water’s website. Each $50 we raise will allow us to buy one filter, which will bring 100 villagers clean water for five years. In a couple months we’ll be there in the islands delivering your filters and reporting back to you through our blog, hopefully with many smiling faces of thanks!

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  1. Barbara Wallace

    I am one of your mom’s golfing friends and I have enjoyed reading the blog and seeing your great pictures throughout your journey. I am happy to give something back through you who are on your way to Indonesia. I am forwarding a donation to purchase a couple of water filters for you to carry to those who need clean water. Thank you for including this mission in your travels. Happy Sailing!

  2. The Churchills

    Bernie and Marg are happy to support your effort to bring clean water to these remote islands. Keep up the good work guys and smooth sailing!

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