Igoumenitsa, Greece

Excitement is starting to build as Tamarisk enters its final few days of repairs and we begin to plan our three day crossing from Greece to Malta. This two week halt period, as well as smaller ones in past months, have been lessons in our own human psychology. Like food and water, motion is now an essential ingredient for our survival…. its absence for us lately feels like a sort of emotional starvation that we need to deal with. That may sound incredible considering we’re parked in the middle of paradise, but we think it’s a normal human reaction when your goals become obstructed by something out of your control.

Our self prescribed treatment program has included a number of ingredients, including exploring the surrounding islands by car, ferry, bus, and scooter. Piers learned about the importance of keeping the scooter upright when he laid it down at 25mph to avoid an oncoming car. The scars on his knees and elbows will be valuable reminders during future scooter excursions. We’ve made friends with the locals and even learned a few words of Greek in the process thanks to some patient dinner time tutoring. We’ve been sailing with our neighbors and we’ve become experts on how to dine in Greece on less than three euros (hint: lots and lots of pork gyros).

We now sit on the slow ferry from Corfu island to mainland Greece as we make our way back towards Tamarisk today in Lefkas. The next couple of days will include odd jobs on the boat and (more importantly) making sure the repair guys finish their work on schedule so we can get to our important rendezvous point in Malta where our parents will join us next week. Jimmy left for his next adventure in India this morning and will try his luck with us again later once Tamarisk has established a better track record for reliability.