Rhodes, Greece

As the rest of the world nervously anticipates the kind of chaos that may erupt after Greece says goodbye to the Euro, the attention here in the islands is on something much different… how to have a rocking party and enjoy the start of the summer. There’s almost no sign anywhere to suggest we’re at the epicenter of a meltdown, and that’s fine with us.

It’s a slow work day on the boat – the electrician showed up about 3 hours late (which is considered on time in Greece) to run wires for the sat com. Now that he’s got one of the wires half way run to the breaker panel, he’s taking a “quick” lunch break and will be back in ???. All this slowness for the past couple of days gave us time to explore the city a bit and take a few pics. If you can’t find a good photo opp here, you may want to choose a different hobby.

Anticipating a late start this morning, we followed the music last night to Bar Street to check out what all that noise was about. Luckily we’re not allergic to Scandinavian blondes because there’s armies of them here and they all converge on Bar Street just after midnight. If you’re not careful you could get hit by one falling from a table or sliding out of the foam party, which literally leaks huge volumes of foam, water, and arm-waving Scandinavians straight into the street – it would break about eleventeen rules in the US.

The metal working guy is telling us it will be Friday before he can finish the cage for mounting the sat com on the rear bridge. That’s longer than we were hoping, but we can use the extra time to do a more complete report about Bar Street.

The electrician just got back from lunch to say he’s done for the day because he needs a new wire from the shop and that he’ll see me in the morning. When I pressed him for a more specific time so I can make sure I’m here to meet him, his response was classic: “between 1:30 and 2″, which I guess is still considered “morning” in Greece.