Rhodes, Greece – the Beginning

We are calling today the official start of the around the world voyage because we left Turkey with no intention of returning. It was an amazing feeling of freedom to be out at sea on a fully working boat that we now feel is ready to circumnavigate. Our destination today was Rhodes, which is on the south end of the Dodecanese islands in Greece. This is where our satellite internet device has just arrived after about 6 weeks of being trapped in Greek customs. The import duty here is about 25%, and they had trouble believing the incredibly low price that appeared on the packing slip. But anyway, it’s here finally and we are ecstatic about that (no further comment about the packing slip).

Tunger had to hop on the ferry and was here waiting for us in Rhodes when we pulled into the port. By the time he showed up at the boat this morning our exit paperwork was already complete and it was impossible to add him to our transit log without re-doing all the paperwork ($$$). So he hopped on the ferry and came flying by us when we were about half way to Rhodes. In one of the pics you can see me talking to Tunger on the walkie talkie while his ferry is in the background.

We’re now moored inside the Mandraki marina and will be here for a couple of days while we figure out how to install this sat com system, which is now sprawled out on the galley table – we’re all pretty hopeless with electronics, so this could be interesting.